Leena’s Husband - Proves a picture Is worth a thousand words

Elliot lives on “Planet Elliot” where his own needs are his main focus, second only to what’s for dinner or lunch depending on the time of day.

He doesn’t really care what anybody else thinks about what he does, says or wears.
His magic mirror reflects back to him his body at 18 years old.

Dressed up to him is a t-shirt without holes. He’s a slob’s slob.

Elliot demonstrates his self-proclaimed discriminating gourmet taste by sending something back everytime the server brings his meal in a restaurant.

Multi-tasking to Elliot is breathing while doing anything else.

Elliot’s hobby is napping. Any effort he makes is accompanied by long, loud sighs.
Between naps, he watches the news and weather channels but manages to remain completely uninformed.

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