Midlife Rocks! That's our story and we're stickin to it! We believe Midlife is the New Beautiful and whether you agree with us or not, we're happy to have you join us Tuesdays at Two. Listen in or jump in to the conversation as "Midlife Rocks" addresses key issues about today's midlife woman. Tell us what you think - we're listening too.

if you don't already know Perrie's co-creators, take a moment to learn about us and our midlife mission.

Meet our midlife sista Lissa Boles from "The Soul Map" who joins us each week

Master Life-Purpose Coach and former broadcast talk-radio host on CKDO in Toronto, mid-life soul-sista Lissa practices a kooky-cool next-evolution of astrology called Soul Mapping. To learn more about Lissa or about Soul Mapping, you can visit www.TheSoulMap.com, or become part of the Soul Map community by becoming ‘a fan’
at www.Facebook.com/TheSoulMap

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