Leena - The Best Friend - Enough Said

Perrie and Leena agree on most things and when they don’t, they do it Leena’s way.

They read each other’s unspoken thoughts, finish each other’s sentences, and sense what the other is feeling...even when they aren’t together. They count on each other’s unconditional love and support to the absolute bewilderment of their husbands.

Leena is a health & fitness fanatic and closet hypochondriac. She owns every anti-aging cream, exercises religiously, weighs herself daily and is constantly losing those last 3 pounds.

She runs her own business, works 12-hour days and manages to keep all the plates spinning.

Leena has an alphabet soup of issues including PTSD, OCD, ADD, and the PTA. She triple checks that doors are closed, the stove is off and the iron is unplugged before (and sometimes after) she leaves the house. At last count, Leena has five cats and has sworn off walking into pet stores.

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