Mona Meno-Pudge - A Constant Source of Joy

Mona is 13 years old, just entering into the transition between child and adult.

She can go from a sweet cuddly little girl to a Catagory 5 Storm without warning.

Mona was adopted into the family at the ripe old age of 9 days.

Mona goes to Middle School (translation: Junior High). She is on the Competitive Ballroom Dance Team which encompases all of her favorite pastimes, looking in the mirror, music, make-up & hair, sparkles, high heels, and boys.

Mona loves animals and they love her. At last count, Mona’s menagerie included two cats, a dog, fish, a bird, a rabbit and a boa constrictor.

Mona has lots of friends. They giggle, and then they giggle some more.

Her Dad says she’s not allowed to date until she’s married.

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