Perrie’s Husband - He’s Wireless

Pookie is an expert on all things, or so he says. He also has the only valid opinion. If we’d all learn to stop talking while he’s interrupting, we might be enlightened by him.

Pookie has elevated the art of one-upmanship to a Sacrament. You can’t tell a story he cannot match or better.

He has an incredible memory for detail and trivia – except for anything that might be useful.

Pookie is usually grouchy.

If something is put back more than 2 inches to either side of it’s usual spot, it has been misplaced and therefore cannot be found by him without lots of shouting and turning the house on end.

He’s clueless why he seems to be misunderstood and he feels under-appreciated. But he loves Perrie and still thinks she’s the most beautiful woman on earth.

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